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  • EU unveils plans for overseas tourists to return

    Added On : 5th May 2021

    The EU Commission has recommended easing restrictions on non-essential travel from overseas.

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  • Most common Ramadan emergency room cases revealed by doctor

    Added On : 4th May 2021

    Doctors often urge caution at the beginning of the holy month, advising people to be hyper aware of their pre-existing health issues or risk ending up in their local emergency department 

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  • Covid: UK sending 1,000 more ventilators to India

    Added On : 3rd May 2021

    India has recorded its highest daily coronavirus death toll since the pandemic began - a day after it became the first country to register more than 400,000 new cases in a 24-hour period.

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  • Surgery in the womb: 'I've done the best for her'

    Added On : 2nd May 2021

    "It comes with risks, but then this operation will mean I've done the best for her. In my mind there was no choice - I just had to do it."

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  • Covid-19: G7 nations 'should finance global vaccine scheme' - Brown

    Added On : 13th April 2021

    The G7 group of wealthy nations must lead a "Herculean mobilisation" to push for global mass vaccination against Covid, former PM Gordon Brown has said.

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  • Covid: Brazil has more than 4,000 deaths in 24 hours for first time

    Added On : 12th April 2021

    Brazil has recorded more than 4,000 Covid-related deaths in 24 hours for the first time, as a more contagious variant fuels a surge in cases.

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  • Covid-19 linked to depression and dementia, study suggests

    Added On : 11th April 2021

    People diagnosed with Covid-19 in the previous six months were more likely to develop depression, dementia, psychosis and stroke, researchers have found.

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  • Coronavirus: More work needed to rule out China lab leak theory says WHO

    Added On : 7th April 2021

    The head of the World Health Organization (WHO) has said further investigation is needed to conclusively rule out that Covid-19 emerged from a laboratory in China.

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  • Coronavirus: Pfizer jab 'stopping 91% of cases in first six months'

    Added On : 6th April 2021

    Pfizer says its vaccine is preventing 91% of coronavirus cases in the six months after people are immunised.

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  • Covid: Children 'well protected by Pfizer vaccine'

    Added On : 5th April 2021

    Pfizer says trials of its Covid vaccine in children aged 12 to 15 show 100% efficacy and a strong immune response.

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