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  • Food apps and online gaming driving obesity - WHO

    Added On : 4th May 2022

    How children use meal-delivery apps and the rising popularity of online gaming could be driving obesity across Europe, the World Health Organization has said.

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  • Ukraine war: Volunteers deliver emergency contraception pills

    Added On : 2nd May 2022

    Charities are working to deliver emergency contraception into Ukrainian hospitals as reports of rape rise.

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  • Exercise is good for joints with wear-and-tear arthritis

    Added On : 28th April 2022

    Exercise is good for people with wear-and-tear joint arthritis and should be a "core treatment", new draft guidelines for the NHS advise.

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  • Longest Covid infection lasted more than 16 months, tests show

    Added On : 25th April 2022

    UK doctors believe they have documented the longest Covid infection on record - a patient they treated who had detectable levels of the virus for more than 16 months, or 505 days, in total.

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  • Excess weight a clear womb-cancer risk

    Added On : 20th April 2022

    Being overweight substantially increases the risk of developing womb cancer, research suggests.

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  • Mutations across species reveal clues to ageing

    Added On : 18th April 2022

    How long animals live is linked to how quickly their genetic code mutates, a study suggests.

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  • Valneva Covid vaccine approved for use in UK

    Added On : 17th April 2022

    A new Covid vaccine has been approved for use in the UK by regulators.

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  • Covid: Blood clot risk higher for six months after having virus

    Added On : 7th April 2022

    After a Covid infection, there is an increased risk of developing a serious blood clot for the next six months, a study from Sweden suggests.


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  • Coronavirus: New Covid symptoms 'may be similar to cold or flu'

    Added On : 5th April 2022

    Covid-19 symptoms may not be limited to just fever, new continuous cough or loss of sense of smell or taste, the Department of Health has acknowledged.

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  • Covid: Young child development worrying, says Ofsted boss

    Added On : 4th April 2022

    Young children's development, following the pandemic, has been "particularly worrying", the chief inspector of Ofsted has said.

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