Infectious Disease News
  • UK officials investigate 74 child hepatitis cases

    Added On : 13th April 2022

    Health officials are investigating 74 cases of hepatitis - or liver inflammation - in children across the UK since the start of this year.

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  • Zika virus may be one step away from explosive outbreak

    Added On : 12th April 2022

    A new outbreak of Zika virus is quite possible, warn researchers, with a single mutation potentially enough to trigger an explosive spread.

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  • Stool tests might help spot early pancreatic cancer

    Added On : 10th March 2022

    Stool tests might provide a useful way to help doctors spot early pancreatic cancer, say researchers.

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  • Covid: No need for a fourth jab yet, say UK advisers

    Added On : 10th January 2022

    A fourth Covid jab is not yet needed, say UK experts, because booster doses continue to provide high protection against severe disease from the Omicron variant among older adults.

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  • Covid: Trigger of rare blood clots with AstraZeneca jab found by scientists

    Added On : 6th December 2021

    Scientists believe they have found "the trigger" that leads to extremely rare blood clots after the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid vaccine.

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  • Rare case of woman's body ridding itself of HIV

    Added On : 18th November 2021

    A woman from Argentina appears to have rid herself of HIV without drugs or treatment - the second documented case of its kind in the world.

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  • Delta 'Plus' Covid variant may be more transmissible

    Added On : 25th October 2021

    A new mutated form of coronavirus that some are calling "Delta Plus" may spread more easily than regular Delta, UK experts now say.

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  • Covid: Delta variant patients twice as likely to need hospital care

    Added On : 31st August 2021

    People are twice as likely to need hospital care if they are sick with the Delta Covid variant, rather than the Alpha variant that was once prevalent in the UK, data from England suggests.

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  • Covid: Delta variant spreads globally as cases soar

    Added On : 29th July 2021

    The Delta variant of Covid-19 has now been detected in 124 territories worldwide, the World Health Organization (WHO) says.

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  • Covid: Hundreds of thousands of under-18s to get vaccine

    Added On : 22nd July 2021

    Children over 12 who are at higher risk of getting ill if they catch Covid will be offered the jab, the vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi has confirmed.

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