Obstetric/Gynecology News
  • Covid: Stillbirth and prematurity risks may be higher in pregnancy

    Added On : 23rd May 2021

    A large UK study suggests having coronavirus around the time of birth may increase the chance of stillbirths and premature births - although the overall risks remain low.

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  • Ovarian cancer: Setback as major screening trial fails to save lives

    Added On : 16th May 2021

    A major trial to detect one of the most elusive and deadly cancers - ovarian - has failed to save lives, after two decades of work.

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  • Oral sex linked to vaginal condition bacterial vaginosis

    Added On : 26th August 2020

    Oral sex may create an environment for a common vaginal condition called bacterial vaginosis or BV, according to research in the journal PLoS Biology.

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  • Miscarriage can lead to 'long-term post-traumatic stress'

    Added On : 16th January 2020

    One in six women who lose a baby in early pregnancy experiences long-term symptoms of post-traumatic stress, a UK study suggests.

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  • Cervical screening: DIY alternative to smear test 'promising'

    Added On : 5th November 2019

    A DIY home urine or swab test could potentially help more women discover whether they are at risk of cervical cancer, researchers say.

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  • Portuguese doctor suspended after baby born without a face

    Added On : 27th October 2019

    A Portuguese obstetrician has been suspended after a baby was born without a nose, eyes or part of his skull.

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  • Endometriosis: Thousands share devastating impact of condition

    Added On : 7th October 2019

     Endometriosis: The condition that can take more than seven years to diagnose

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  • Vaginal birth and Caesarean: Differences in babies' bacteria

    Added On : 22nd September 2019

    Babies born by Caesarean section have dramatically different gut bacteria to those born vaginally, according to the largest study in the field.

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  • Soot pollution particles 'cross the placenta'

    Added On : 18th September 2019

    Particles of black carbon - or soot - can cross the placenta, a study has found.

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  • Heavy menstrual bleeding: Keyhole hysterectomy technique 'more effective'

    Added On : 15th September 2019

    A keyhole-surgery technique for treating heavy menstrual bleeding is more effective and just as safe as a non-invasive alternative, a study of more than 600 UK women suggests.

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