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  • Ketamine depression treatment 'should be rolled out'

    Added On : 11th April 2017

    Image result for Ketamine depression treatment 'should be rolled out'Doctors trialling the use of ketamine to treat depression are calling for the treatment to be rolled out.

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  • More Than 330M Worldwide Have Depression: WHO

    Added On : 3rd April 2017

    Image result for More Than 330M Worldwide Have Depression: WHODepression affects more than 300 million people worldwide and is the leading cause of poor health and disability, according to the World Health Organization.

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  • Childhood lead exposure linked to lower adult IQ

    Added On : 29th March 2017

              Kids exposed to high levels of lead decades ago may now be approaching middle age with lower IQs and earning potential than they would have had otherwise, a new study suggests.

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  • Dizzy Spells in Middle Age Tied to Dementia Risk

    Added On : 13th March 2017

    Image result for Dizzy Spells in Middle Age Tied to Dementia RiskRapid drops in blood pressure that cause light-headedness may do serious damage, study suggests

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  • Testosterone gel shows no benefit for older men's memories

    Added On : 6th March 2017

                Testosterone treatment did not improve older men's memory or mental function in the latest results from landmark government research that challenges the anti-aging claims of popular supplements.

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  • Eat more mushrooms if you want to avoid dementia

    Added On : 3rd February 2017

     A diet rich in mushrooms may help stave off dementia, new research suggests.

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  • Hallucinogens: Future of Mental Health Treatment?

    Added On : 17th January 2017

    Image result for Hallucinogens: Future Of Mental Health Treatment?The long, strange trip of research into the benefits of hallucinogenic drugs may be taking another turn.

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  • More evidence ties sugary caffeinated drinks to poor sleep

    Added On : 9th December 2016

        Adults who sleep no more than five hours a night are more likely to be heavy soda drinkers than people who get more rest, a U.S. study suggests.

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  • Ecstasy trials approved by FDA for PTSD patients

    Added On : 6th December 2016

    Insight from lead researcher Dr. Michael MithoeferTurns out, Ecstasy could have some medicinal value.

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  • MOH: ‘21 Mental Health Hospitals with 4,046-Bed Capacity for Serving Psychopaths’

    Added On : 12th November 2016

    Image result for MOH LOGOThe Ministry of Health (MOH) revealed that it intends to establish 14 projects for mental health and addiction treatment throughout the Kingdom’s regions, as part of its future plans and within its endeavors to improve and develop its mental health services. 

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