• Headache and runny nose linked to Delta variant

    Added On : 15th June 2021

    A headache, sore throat and runny nose are now the most commonly reported symptoms linked to Covid infection in the UK, researchers say.

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  • Learning difficulties 'link to brain connections'

    Added On : 2nd March 2020

    Differences associated with learning difficulties are found less in specific areas of the brain and more in the connections between them, experts say.

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  • Languages affected differently by brain disease

    Added On : 15th January 2020

    There are differences in the way English and Italian speakers are affected by dementia-related language problems, a small study suggests.

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  • Brain 'shrinks' if children neglected

    Added On : 7th January 2020

    An early life full of neglect, deprivation and adversity leads to people growing up with smaller brains, a study suggests.

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  • Motor neurone disease 'linked to cholesterol'

    Added On : 23rd December 2019

    Scientists say they have discovered a possible underlying cause of the neurological disorder, motor neurone disease (MND).

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  • Brain implants used to fight drug addiction in US

    Added On : 10th November 2019

    Patients with severe opioid addiction are being given brain implants to help reduce their cravings, in the first trial of its kind in the US.

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  • First drug that can slow Alzheimer's dementia

    Added On : 28th October 2019

    A US drug company says it has created the first therapy that could slow Alzheimer's disease, and it is now ready to bring it to market.

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  • Head injuries: Cheap drug 'could save thousands of lives a year'

    Added On : 16th October 2019

    A cheap and widely available drug could save hundreds of thousands of lives a year worldwide if it was routinely given to people brought into hospital with head injuries, UK doctors say.

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  • Batten disease: Unique drug for a girl with deadly brain disease

    Added On : 15th October 2019

    A girl with a deadly brain disease has been given a unique drug that was invented from scratch just for her and in a fraction of the normal time.

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  • Gut bacteria may have motor neurone disease role

    Added On : 25th July 2019

    Gut bacteria may be playing a role in motor neurone disease, according to early studies in animals and people.

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