• Stressful experiences 'can age the brain by four years'

    Added On : 24th July 2017

    Collapsed bride and groom figures on a wedding cakeStressful events in life, such as the death of a child, divorce or being fired, can age the brain by at least four years, US researchers suggests.

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  • Nine lifestyle changes can reduce dementia risk, study says

    Added On : 21st July 2017

    Image result for Nine lifestyle changes can reduce dementia risk, study saysOne in three cases of dementia could be prevented if more people looked after their brain health throughout life, according to an international study in the Lancet.

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  • Why are African Americans more likely to develop Alzheimer's?

    Added On : 18th July 2017

    african american woman looking confusedResearchers know that African Americans are at a much higher risk of developing Alzheimer's disease than white Americans. But a new series of studies explores the reasons behind this, analyzing socioeconomic and psychological factors that may play a role.

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  • Scientists say they've found a link between breast-feeding, lower risk of MS

    Added On : 15th July 2017

    The authors stress that they've found a link but didn't establish a cause. Women are most likely to develop multiple sclerosis during their childbearing years—after they hit puberty and before menopause. And recent studies show that oral contraceptive use and levels of sex hormones impact a woman's risk, while women who already have the chronic autoimmune disease are less likely to relapse when they're pregnant or breastfeeding, reports the International Business Times.

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  • Sleep Disturbances Linked to Alzheimer’s Risk

    Added On : 13th July 2017

    Image result for Sleep Disturbances Linked to Alzheimer’s RiskHere’s another reason to get a good night’s sleep: Interrupting a deep phase of sleep appears to cause more of the proteins associated with Alzheimer’s disease to collect in your brain, a new study from researchers at Washington University concludes.

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  • Sleep Problems: A Warning Sign of Alzheimer's?

    Added On : 7th July 2017

    Image result for Sleep Problems: A Warning Sign of Alzheimer's?Small study found an association but didn't prove link

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  • Sharp focus on Alzheimer's may help target drugs

    Added On : 6th July 2017

    Elderly manAbnormal deposits that build up in the brain during Alzheimer's have been pictured in unprecedented detail by UK scientists.

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  • Special Brain Scans May Predict Autism

    Added On : 9th June 2017

    Image result for functional connectivity MRI (fcMRI)In small study, technique identified 82 percent of infants later diagnosed with the disorder

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  • Dreams and brain disease: REM sleep cells linked to disorders

    Added On : 3rd June 2017

    Where do dreams come from? Where do dreams come from? Researchers now say they know: A specific group of cells in the brain stem is responsible for controlling dreaming sleep , also called Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, a new study says.

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  • Could a Century-Old Drug Ease Autism Symptoms?

    Added On : 27th May 2017

    Image result for Century-Old Drug Ease Autism SymptomsSmall study produced positive results with the sleeping sickness medication suramin, but more research needed

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