• Fasting diet 'regenerates diabetic pancreas'

    Added On : 26th February 2017

    Blood sugar testThe pancreas can be triggered to regenerate itself through a type of fasting diet, say US researchers.

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  • Online treatment reduces chronic knee pain from arthritis

    Added On : 25th February 2017

    Knee Pain. Man suffering from knee pain.A web-based program of exercise and coping skills training improves both function and pain in arthritic knees, a new study suggests.

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  • Patient, 265kg, undergoes successful gastric sleeve surgery

    Added On : 24th February 2017

    JEDDAH: A medical team at King Abdullah Medical City succeeded in conducting gastric sleeve surgery on a patient weighing 265 kilograms, Al-Yaum Daily reported.

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  • More Evidence Ties Gum Health to Stroke Risk

    Added On : 24th February 2017

    Image result for More Evidence Ties Gum Health to Stroke RiskStudy shows increasing risk of brain blockage with more severe gum disease

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  • Risky treatment can stop multiple sclerosis for years

    Added On : 23rd February 2017

    Nerve connections damaged in MSA multiple sclerosis treatment being tested in patients can stop the disease for at least five years, say doctors.

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  • Cooling caps help women keep hair during breast cancer chemo

    Added On : 21st February 2017

                Women receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer are more likely to keep most of their hair with the help of devices that cool the scalp, according to two new studies.

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  • FDA OKs Injectable Psoriasis Drug for Tough Cases

    Added On : 20th February 2017

    Image result for siliq psoriasisBut Siliq poses increased risk of suicidal behavior, agency warns

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  • Vitamin D pills 'could stop colds or flu'

    Added On : 19th February 2017

    Pills in a woman's handVitamin D supplements could spare more than three million people from colds or flu in the UK each year, researchers claim.

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  • Weak thigh muscles tied to knee osteoarthritis in women

    Added On : 18th February 2017

    Women with weaker thigh muscles may be more likely to develop knee osteoarthritis, a recent study suggests.

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  • HRT Won't Lower Women's Alzheimer's Risk

    Added On : 17th February 2017

    Image result for HRT Won't Lower Women's Alzheimer's RiskThere was some hint that long-term hormone therapy might have a benefit, but results weren't definitive

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