• FDA Approves Tamiflu for Infants

    Added On : 25th December 2012

    tamifluChildren as young as 2 weeks old may now be treated for the flu with Tamiflu.

    The FDA expanded its approval today for Tamiflu to include infants under age 1 who have had symptoms of the flu, such as stuffy nose, cough, sore throat, fever, and body aches, for no longer than two days.

    It is not approved to prevent flu infection in this age group.

    Tamiflu is now the only drug approved to treat the flu in children under age 1, who are at higher risk of developing complications of the flu.

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  • Antibiotics 'Ineffective for Coughs'

    Added On : 31st December 2012

    antibioticsAntibiotics are ineffective in treating patients with persistent coughs caused by mild chest infections, the Lancet Infectious Diseases journal reports.

    About 2,000 patients across 12 European countries filled in an 'illness' diary.

    The study found that the severity and duration of symptoms in patients treated with antibiotics were no different to those given a placebo.

    But experts caution that if pneumonia is suspected, antibiotics should still be used due to the disease's severity.

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  • Kids With Food Allergies Targets for Bullies

    Added On : 2nd January 2013

    Colorado Springs high school junior Morgan Smith can't remember a time when he didn't have life-threatening food allergies.

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  • Asthma Patients Often Skip Their Medication

    Added On : 5th January 2013

    Study Shows Many Patients Aren't Always Honest With Their Doctors About Taking Medicine

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  • Spit Test 'Improves' Asthma Care

    Added On : 9th January 2013

    salmeterolA simple spit test could identify thousands of children with severe asthma who are taking medication which will never help them, scientists say.

    One in seven people will not respond to salmeterol, found in purple or green inhalers, which is given to tens of thousands of children in the UK.

    A study of 62 children showed those patients could be identified and given effective treatment.

    The results were published in the journal Clinical Science.

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  • Cold Medicine for Adults: Treatment Facts

    Added On : 10th January 2013

    When you're sick and miserable with a cold, you might grab the first box of cold medicine that you see on the drugstore shelf. But experts say that we should be savvier when choosing a cold medicine.

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  • Flu Stretches Hospitals, Drug Supplies Nationwide

    Added On : 11th January 2013

    flu hospitalsThe early flu season has turned severe in some parts of the country, stretching health care providers and drug supplies.

    According to the latest numbers from the CDC, there's now widespread flu activity in 41 states. New York City and 29 states are reporting a high number of cases of flu-like illness.

    So far this flu season, 2,257 people have been hospitalized with laboratory-confirmed flu. Eighteen children have died.

    The number of deaths attributed to both pneumonia and the flu is still below epidemic levels.

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  • Coughs Can Last About 2 Weeks

    Added On : 15th January 2013

    coughing2Just how long should that pesky cough last?

    The answer, according to most doctors, is close to 18 days. Yet many people with a cough get antsy after about five to nine days, a new study shows.

    "Coughs last for longer than we think they do," says researcher Mark H. Ebell, MD, a family doctor at the University of Georgia in Athens. "People think it should be over in a little over a week, but the reality is that a cough is more likely to last two weeks."

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