Oncology/Hematology News
  • Cancer gene tests 'reveal family link'

    Added On : 16th August 2016

    SarcomaScientists have discovered why some families are affected by many different types of cancer, thanks to genetic testing.

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  • Smog May Shorten Lives of Lung Cancer Patients

    Added On : 8th August 2016

    Image result for Smog May Shorten Lives of Lung Cancer PatientsLarge review in California finds lower survival rates among those with most exposure to dirty air

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  • National Campaign for Breast Cancer Early Detection Kicks off in Al-Majmaah

    Added On : 28th July 2016

    The National Campaign for Breast Cancer Early Detection, carried out by the Ministry of Health (MOH) under the theme: “Reassure Us about You”, keeps on its events. They have recently been launched for four weeks at King Khalid Hospital (KKH) in Al-Majmaah province, covering it and its surrounding areas.

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  • Shisha causes 3 types of cancer among women

    Added On : 20th July 2016

    DAMMAM: Smoking shisha could cause three types of cancer in women, say leading medical experts.

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  • Researcher finds a quicker way to detect cancer

    Added On : 19th July 2016

    RIYADH: Saudi women have always been strong, determined to overcome obstacles to their progress and to maintain their presence on the local and international arenas.

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  • Hidden red hair gene a skin cancer risk

    Added On : 14th July 2016

    Woman with ginger hairPeople can carry a "silent" red hair gene that raises their risk of sun-related skin cancer, experts warn.

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  • Blood Test May Predict Colon Cancer's Return

    Added On : 8th July 2016

    Image result for Blood Test May Predict Colon Cancer's ReturnDNA-based screen would aid treatment decisions for people with early-stage disease

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  • This is how sugar may 'fuel' cancer cells

    Added On : 3rd July 2016

    If you saw the recent headlines connecting gallbladder cancer to the consumption of sugary sodas, you may not have been too surprised by the news. America’s obsession with sugar has been blamed for plenty of chronic diseases in recent years, including several types of cancer.

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  • Centers set up in malls to detect breast cancer

    Added On : 27th June 2016

    RIYADH: The Ministry of Health (MoH) has set up centers in two prominent malls in Riyadh to help women undergo the preliminary test to detect breast cancer.

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  • Bubbly drink trial 'to boost cancer therapy'

    Added On : 25th June 2016

    file picture - bubblesScientists are investigating whether bubbly drinks could boost the success of cancer treatments, after winning a Cancer Research UK award for ideas "outside the box".

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