• Doctors in Malpractice Case Barred...

    Added On : 1st May 2013

    Doctors in Malpractice Case Barred from Leaving Kingdom

    JEDDAH — The Jeddah Health Affairs has instructed a hospital here to prevent attempts to flee the country by two of its expatriate doctors who were accused of medical malpractice. 

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  • Got Back Pain? It could be your Genes

    Added On : 23rd September 2012

    back painGood posture and sitting up straight might not save you from back pain because the physical condition of your spine is far more dependent on genes than lifestyle, scientists have found.

    They play a "key role" in lumbar disc degeneration (LDD), for a long time suspected of being the number one cause of chronic lower back pain, according to specialists.

    Over the years these discs, which cushion the vertebrae, can end up getting squashed and bulging out. Bony growths can also emerge from the spinal column itself. Both are thought to trigger back pain.

    Scientists have now found that serious lumbar disc degeneration is inherited in 65 to 80 per cent of cases.

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