• Kathy Niakan: Scientist makes case to edit embryos

    Added On : 14th January 2016

    Image result for Kathy Niakan: Scientist makes case to edit embryosA scientist has been making her case to be the first in the UK to be allowed to genetically modify human embryos.

    Dr Kathy Niakan said the experiments would provide a deeper understanding of the earliest moments of human life and could reduce miscarriages.

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  • Safer Way to do Gene Editing

    Added On : 2nd December 2015

    DNAScientists say they have fine tuned a gene editing method to make it safer and more accurate - vital if it is to be used in humans to cure inherited diseases or inborn errors.

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  • 'Designer cells' reverse one-year-old's cancer

    Added On : 9th November 2015

    Family pictureThe first person in the world to receive a pioneering genetic therapy has had her cancer reversed, say Great Ormond Street doctors.

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  • GM Embryos 'Essential', says Report

    Added On : 15th September 2015

    EmbryoIt is "essential" that the genetic modification of human embryos is allowed, says a group of scientists, ethicists and policy experts.

    A Hinxton Group report says editing the genetic code of early stage embryos is of "tremendous value" to research.

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  • KSA first in Arab world to have over 10,000 stem cell donors

    Added On : 11th August 2015

    file-09-1432718341990066200.jpgRIYADH: Saudi Arabia emerged as the first country in the Arab world to record more than 10,000 stem cell donors, a unique medical feat that will encourage people to donate stem cells and promote stem cell therapy in the Kingdom to help people suffering with incurable diseases. 

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  • Mitochondrial Disease Study Raises Hope of Treatment

    Added On : 16th July 2015

    MitochondriaUS scientists say they have taken the first step towards treating people born with mitochondrial diseases - debilitating genetic disorders.

    Their study, in Nature, showed healthy cells could be produced in the laboratory from affected patients.

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  • Embryo engineering a moral duty, says top scientist

    Added On : 14th May 2015

    Five month old foetusIt would be unethical and a "sin of omission" to prevent the genetic engineering of embryos, a leading scientist has argued.

    Cloning pioneer Dr Tony Perry told the BBC that advances in genetics posed a "wonderful opportunity" for eliminating diseases such as cystic fibrosis.

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  • US 'will not fund research for modifying embryo DNA'

    Added On : 2nd May 2015

    EmbryoModifying the DNA of embryos is a "line that should not be crossed", a leading figure in US research says.

    Dr Francis Collins, National Institutes of Health director, was responding to reports that the first embryos had been modified in China.

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  • Mitochondria Editing Tried in Mice

    Added On : 28th April 2015

    Mitochondrial DNA - artworkResearchers have developed a technique to edit out bits of mitochondrial DNA that could otherwise pass on incurable diseases, a study in mice shows.

    Salk Institute scientists used specifically engineered molecular scissors to snip out mutations in embryos, leaving healthy DNA intact.

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  • Early Study: Stem Cells May Reverse MS Disability

    Added On : 4th April 2015

    Small initial trial showed improvement for people with relapsing-remitting MS

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