• Sleep Disturbances Linked to Alzheimer’s Risk

    Added On : 13th July 2017

    Image result for Sleep Disturbances Linked to Alzheimer’s RiskHere’s another reason to get a good night’s sleep: Interrupting a deep phase of sleep appears to cause more of the proteins associated with Alzheimer’s disease to collect in your brain, a new study from researchers at Washington University concludes.

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  • Contaminated blood scandal inquiry announced

    Added On : 12th July 2017

    Donated bloodA UK-wide inquiry will be held into the contaminated blood scandal that left at least 2,400 people dead, the prime minister has confirmed.

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  • Cancer vaccines help patients get tumor-free in 2 studies

    Added On : 11th July 2017

    "Many other cancers might benefit from this approach," Wu said. Cancer vaccines — which are intended to help patients fight cancer by enlisting the individuals' own immune systems to attack cancer cells —showed promise in two small new studies.

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  • Recurring Gut Infections on the Rise: Study

    Added On : 10th July 2017

    Image result for Recurring Gut Infections on the Rise: StudyRecurring Clostridium difficile intestinal infections are rising sharply in the United States, researchers warn.

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  • Spreading cancer caught on film

    Added On : 9th July 2017

    Image result for Spreading cancer caught on filmThe way in which every single cancer cell spreads around the body has been captured in videos by a team in Japan.

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  • Maternal sugar intake linked to allergic asthma in offspring

    Added On : 8th July 2017

    variety of sugarsNew research finds links between a mother's consumption of sugars during pregnancy and the risk of her offspring developing asthma.

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  • Sleep Problems: A Warning Sign of Alzheimer's?

    Added On : 7th July 2017

    Image result for Sleep Problems: A Warning Sign of Alzheimer's?Small study found an association but didn't prove link

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  • Sharp focus on Alzheimer's may help target drugs

    Added On : 6th July 2017

    Elderly manAbnormal deposits that build up in the brain during Alzheimer's have been pictured in unprecedented detail by UK scientists.

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  • Guys may have a biological clock, too

    Added On : 5th July 2017

    According to a new study, the incidence of live birth declines significantly as men grow older.While scientists and doctors have long known that a woman's chances of having a child drop the older she gets, a new study suggests that a man's age can affect a couple's chances as well.

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  • Older male partners 'lower chances of IVF baby success'

    Added On : 4th July 2017

    Pregnant woman with hands around her bumpThe success rate of couples going through IVF is dependent on the age of the man - not only the woman, a US study suggests.

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