• Coronavirus smell loss 'different from cold and flu'

    Added On : 19th August 2020

    The loss of smell that can accompany coronavirus is unique and different from that experienced by someone with a bad cold or flu, say European researchers who have studied the experiences of patients.

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  • The medical school trying to become anti-racist

    Added On : 18th August 2020

    A major British medical school is leading the drive to eliminate what it calls "inherent racism" in the way doctors are trained in the UK.

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  • Pregnant in a pandemic: How COVID-19 stress may affect growing babies

    Added On : 17th August 2020

    A small survey found that stress among pregnant women has tripled since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

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  • Coronavirus: Spanish regions ban smoking over Covid-19 risk

    Added On : 16th August 2020

    The Spanish region of Galicia has effectively banned smoking in public places over concerns it increases the risk of Covid-19 transmission.

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  • Malaria in Africa: Parasite 'resistant to artemisinin'

    Added On : 13th August 2020

    A drug-resistant strain of the parasite that causes malaria has been identified by scientists in Rwanda.

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  • Hydroxychloroquine being 'discarded prematurely', say scientists

    Added On : 12th August 2020

    A trial investigating the drug hydroxychloroquine as a preventative treatment against Covid-19 may never find out if it's effective, say scientists involved.

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  • Coronavirus: Is the world winning the pandemic fight?

    Added On : 11th August 2020

    It is little more than six months since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the arrival of a new virus a global emergency.

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  • Coronavirus: Asymptomatic cases 'carry same amount of virus'

    Added On : 10th August 2020

    People with symptomless Covid-19 can carry as much of the virus as those with symptoms, a South Korean study has suggested.

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  • Chemotherapy in cancer patients with Covid-19 'not a risk'

    Added On : 9th August 2020

    Continuing chemotherapy and immunotherapy treatment in cancer patients with Covid-19 is not a risk to their survival, a study suggests.

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  • Coronavirus: South Africa cases pass half million mark

    Added On : 6th August 2020

    More than half a million coronavirus cases have been confirmed in South Africa, according to the country's health minister.

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