• Moderna vaccine 'highly effective' in teens

    Added On : 27th May 2021

    Moderna says its Covid vaccine is "highly effective" in adolescents aged 12 to 17.

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  • Covid vaccine: 30 and 31-year-olds in England now invited

    Added On : 26th May 2021

    People aged 30 and 31 in England are being invited to book to have their first dose of Covid vaccine.

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  • Covid: Sniffer dogs could bolster screening at airports

    Added On : 25th May 2021

    Sniffer dogs could contribute to efforts to prevent the spread of Covid as society reopens, according to scientists.

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  • Covid-19: Should all children get a vaccine?

    Added On : 24th May 2021

    Vaccinating children is routine and widely accepted - measles, mumps, polio, diphtheria, rotavirus, multiple strains of meningitis, whooping cough… the list goes on. All this starts from just a few weeks old.

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  • Covid: Stillbirth and prematurity risks may be higher in pregnancy

    Added On : 23rd May 2021

    A large UK study suggests having coronavirus around the time of birth may increase the chance of stillbirths and premature births - although the overall risks remain low.

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  • Vaccinating children before poor morally wrong, Oxford scientist says

    Added On : 20th May 2021

    Offering children in some richer countries a coronavirus vaccine before some high-risk people in poorer ones is "morally wrong", a group of MPs has been told.

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  • India's Covid crisis hits Covax vaccine-sharing scheme

    Added On : 19th May 2021

    The international scheme to ensure equal access to Covid-19 vaccines is 140 million doses short because of India's continuing Covid crisis.

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  • How India's vaccine drive went horribly wrong

    Added On : 18th May 2021

    It took 31-year-old Sneha Marathe half a day to book an appointment online for a Covid vaccine.

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  • Covid vaccines: Mixing increases reports of mild side-effects

    Added On : 17th May 2021

    Adults are more likely to report mild and moderate side-effects after mixing doses of the AstraZeneca and Pfizer Covid vaccines, a study indicates.

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  • Ovarian cancer: Setback as major screening trial fails to save lives

    Added On : 16th May 2021

    A major trial to detect one of the most elusive and deadly cancers - ovarian - has failed to save lives, after two decades of work.

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