• Seven-week gap advised for elective surgery after Omicron

    Added On : 1st March 2022

    Despite a backlog of routine operations, NHS hospitals are being advised to delay elective surgical procedures by at least seven weeks if a patient has just had Omicron.

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  • Life may actually flash before your eyes on death - new study

    Added On : 27th February 2022

    New data from a scientific "accident" has suggested that life may actually flash before our eyes as we die.

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  • New sickle cell treatment given to first patients in England

    Added On : 24th February 2022

    Sickle cell patients have begun receiving the first new treatment for the blood disorder in over 20 years.

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  • Malawi finds Africa’s first wild polio case in five years

    Added On : 23rd February 2022

    Malawi has declared a wild polio outbreak after a case was identified in a three-year-old girl - the first of its kind in Africa for more than five years.

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  • Extra Covid booster in spring for over-75s and high risk

    Added On : 22nd February 2022

    An additional booster dose will be offered to all adults over-75 and the most vulnerable over-12s in the UK this spring.

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  • Mansfield woman awaiting surgery to remove 8kg tumour

    Added On : 21st February 2022

    A woman with a rare form of cancer is waiting for an operation to remove a 8kg tumour growing near her spine.

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  • Covid: How new drugs are finally taming the virus

    Added On : 20th February 2022

    The first patients in the NHS are being offered a new drug to help treat Covid-19. As Covid treatments are changing, fewer patients are becoming seriously ill or dying. So does this mean we are finally taming the virus?

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  • Vaccinated less likely to develop long Covid

    Added On : 17th February 2022

    People who are vaccinated are less likely to develop long Covid even if they catch the virus, a rapid review by the UK Health Security Agency reveals.

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  • Two glasses of wine enough to hit daily sugar limit

    Added On : 16th February 2022

    Analysis of more than 30 bottles of wine has found two glasses could be enough to reach the recommended daily sugar limit for adults.

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  • Good sex can be safer sex, say WHO researchers

    Added On : 15th February 2022

    Teaching people about achieving sexual pleasure can help sell safe-sex messages, say researchers from the World Health Organization.

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