• Coronavirus vaccine: UK government signs deals for 90 million doses

    Added On : 21st July 2020

    The UK government has signed deals for 90 million doses of promising coronavirus vaccines that are being developed.

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  • Coronavirus: 'Almost half' of Blackburn Covid-19 contacts not reached

    Added On : 20th July 2020

    England's contact tracers have only reached about 50% of people who have been in close contact with someone with Covid-19 in an area of Lancashire where new cases are rising.

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  • Climate change: Summers could become 'too hot for humans'

    Added On : 19th July 2020

    Millions of people around the world could be exposed to dangerous levels of heat stress - a dangerous condition which can cause organs to shut down.

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  • Seven countries with big (and small) population problems

    Added On : 16th July 2020

    A major new study published in the Lancet medical journal suggests falling fertility rates mean nearly every country could have shrinking populations by the end of the century, and warns of a "jaw-dropping" impact on societies.

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  • Winter wave of coronavirus 'could be worse than first'

    Added On : 15th July 2020

    The UK could see about 120,000 new coronavirus deaths in a second wave of infections this winter, scientists say.

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  • Coronavirus: Llamas provide key to immune therapy

    Added On : 14th July 2020

    As Fifi the llama munches on grass on a pasture in Reading, her immune system has provided the template for a coronavirus treatment breakthrough.

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  • Coronavirus: Florida sets new state daily case record of 15,299

    Added On : 13th July 2020

    Florida has registered a state record of 15,299 new coronavirus cases in 24 hours - around a quarter of all of the United States' daily infections.

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  • Coronavirus in Australia: Melbourne begins new shutdown

    Added On : 12th July 2020

    Australia's second-largest city has begun a second lockdown in response to a spike in new coronavirus infections.

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  • India coronavirus: Life-saving Covid-19 drugs sold on Delhi black market

    Added On : 9th July 2020

    A BBC investigation has found that two life-saving drugs used to treat Covid-19 patients in India - remdesivir and tocilizumab - are in short supply and being sold for excessive rates on a thriving black market. Vikas Pandey reports from the capital Delhi.

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  • Coronavirus: Airborne transmission cannot be ruled out, WHO says

    Added On : 8th July 2020

    The World Health Organization has acknowledged there is emerging evidence that the coronavirus can be spread by tiny particles suspended in the air.

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