• Coronavirus: School closures and travel curbs in UK plans

    Added On : 4th March 2020

    Plans to contain coronavirus if it spreads, involving possible school closures, cancelling events and bringing NHS staff out of retirement, are to be set out by the UK government.

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  • Coronavirus: World in 'uncharted territory'

    Added On : 3rd March 2020

    The world is in "uncharted territory" on the coronavirus outbreak, the World Health Organization (WHO) has said.

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  • Learning difficulties 'link to brain connections'

    Added On : 2nd March 2020

    Differences associated with learning difficulties are found less in specific areas of the brain and more in the connections between them, experts say.

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  • E. coli gut infection linked to bowel cancer

    Added On : 1st March 2020

    A common type of gut bacterium may increase a person's chance of developing bowel cancer, according to a study published in the journal Nature.

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  • Coronavirus: Worst-hit countries boost containment efforts

    Added On : 27th February 2020

    The worst-hit countries are intensifying their efforts to contain the deadly coronavirus as the number of cases globally surpassed 80,000.

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  • Coronavirus: How do you self-isolate successfully?

    Added On : 26th February 2020

    Many more people may be asked to self-isolate to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the UK, the NHS has warned. But what do you have to do if you might be at risk?

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  • Coronavirus: South Korea confirms huge rise in cases

    Added On : 24th February 2020

    South Korea says the number of new coronavirus cases in the country has more than doubled in one day.

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  • Scientists discover powerful antibiotic using AI

    Added On : 23rd February 2020

    In a world first, scientists have discovered a new type of antibiotic using artificial intelligence (AI).

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  • Children facing uncertain future, experts warn

    Added On : 20th February 2020

    No country offers a child both the chance of a healthy upbringing and an environment fit for their future, the World Health Organization (WHO) says.

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  • Heart doctors 'held back stent death data'

    Added On : 19th February 2020

    Doctors working on a clinical trial for treatment of heart disease held back key data, Newsnight has been told.

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